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Ministry of Health

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Reducing harm from falls is an important component of our aim to maintain and improve the health of older adults. We support the integrated approach of the 'Live Stronger for Longer' campaign developed jointly with ACC and the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

The campaign clearly aligns with our Healthy Ageing strategy. You can find out more about our Healthy Ageing Strategy and our services on our website.

Ministry Of Health 

Health Quality & Safety Commission

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The Health Quality & Safety Commission works with clinicians, health providers, consumers and their families and whānau to improve health and disability services and reduce patient harm. Quality and safety improvements mean fewer people are harmed and more lives are saved.

The Commission has a strong focus on falls prevention, including supporting clinical leadership, maintaining an up to date evidence base and suite of resources, working with the sector on falls prevention activities, and sharing falls data and information.

We embrace and support the “Live Stronger for Longer” campaign and are pleased to be partners with ACC and the Ministry of Health in the campaign.

Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand


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We’re proud to partner with the Ministry of Health, Health Quality and Safety Commission and health professionals and carers throughout New Zealand under the ‘Live Stronger for Longer’ banner.

To support this work, we're contributing funding for the next four years to develop and grow access to:

  • in-home and group-based strength and balance programmes
  • fracture liaison services 
  • integrated service across primary and secondary care to provide seamless pathway of services for older people at risk of falls and injury. 


Carers New Zealand

Carers of older people have a vital and unique role to play in the communities they serve. They not only care for the physical needs of the people they support, but they also have the privilege of getting to know their clients, their goals, health aspirations, and their ambitions to stay strong and independent in their own homes.

Carers New Zealand is a national not-for-profit organisation supporting the 420,000 family, whānau, and aiga carers throughout New Zealand. We provide information, advice and support to carers to ensure their clients can  Live Stronger for Longer.  We’re proud to support this programme of work, and proud to support carers out on the front line. 

For further information about our services, go to our website or call our helpline 0800 777 797.

Carers New Zealand

Age Concern

Age Concern is a charity working with older New Zealanders. Our vision is for older people to live valued lives in an inclusive society. We promote wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity for older people, and work to ensure older people are treated equitably and with cultural respect.

We provide expert information and support services in response to older people’s needs especially programmes focused on health promotion, ageing well, social connection and elder abuse and neglect prevention. We are active and vocal on relevant issues and work to ensure older people stay connected with their families, friends, work places and community. Our 35 local Age Concerns across New Zealand are the first port of call for older people in their communities.

Age Concern

St John Ambulance

St John ambulance staff are working with the health sector to develop falls prevention referral pathways across New Zealand. If you have a fall in your home, call 111, any time – day or night – we’re here to help.

When we attend to you at home we'll:

  1. Look after your immediate needs
  2. Carry out a basic falls risk assessment. This will involve looking for ways to prevent further, or more serious, falls around your home
  3. If we feel it’s safe for you to stay at home, we’ll offer you a referral to your local a falls prevention service
  4. The falls prevention service will then arrange the most appropriate support for you such as community group strength and balance classes, in-home strength and balance exercises, or onward referrals to other services.

Ensuring older people stay healthy and independent in their own homes is our number one goal. We’re proud of the role our ambulance staff play in linking people to the care and support available to them in their communities, and supporting patients to live stronger for longer.

St John Ambulance Services

Osteoporosis New Zealand

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Osteoporosis New Zealand (ONZ) is a national charitable trust dedicated to raising awareness of bone health and improving care and outcomes for people who are at risk of, or are living with, osteoporosis.

ONZ’s aim is for all New Zealanders to have stronger, better bones and to avoid or suffer fewer fractures. We support this aim by providing information and educational material to the public and making recommendations to Government and the medical profession for improved management strategies for osteoporosis.

More about your body and improving your bone health

Osteoporosis New Zealand

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

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The Stroke Foundation focuses on reducing the incidence of stroke, improving stroke treatment outcomes and supporting those affected by stroke.

Know the signs of stroke. Think FAST

F – face drooping on one side
A – arm weakness on one side
S – speech impaired, slurred or lost
T – time to call an ambulance.

More information about FAST

Community Stroke Advisor service

Every year around 9,000 New Zealanders have a stroke. Community Stroke Advisors are available throughout the country to work with stroke survivors, their family, whānau and carers. Their role ensures that people achieve the best possible outcome after stroke. This service is free.

More about Community Stroke Advisors 

Parkinson's New Zealand

Parkinson’s New Zealand is the only national charitable trust in Aotearoa New Zealand providing information, education, and support to people with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s plus conditions, their whānau, carers, and health professionals. We provide home visits, phone and video call support, support groups, advice, advocacy, whānau meetings, referrals to health professionals, seminars, conferences, webinars, and social activities.

Parkinson’s New Zealand is dedicated to ensuring whānau have the right information, education, and support needed to live positively with Parkinson’s. Although there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s support and a variety of treatments are available to help with managing symptoms.

For more information about our services, visit or call 0800 473 4636.