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You may have received a text, email or letter from the Falls Injury Prevention team at ACC with a link to this page.

We’re reaching out to customers like you to help prevent injuries for over 65s. 

Research tells us that ageing often increases the risk of someone having a fall – however, many falls are preventable.

We want to give you information and resources on how you can increase your strength and balance at home, online, or by attending a community strength and balance class.

This will help you to keep well, stay steady on your feet, and to live the life you want.

Improve your strength and balance activity

You can exercise safely at home

Keep exercising safely while you're at home with free videos and resources. 

Resources to safely exercise at home 

Community strength and balance classes

Community strength and balance classes are a great way for you to have fun, get fit and meet like-minded people in your community.

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Information and resources

There is a host of free information and resources on this website.


Find practical advice for those over 65 and whānau and family caring for someone over 65. 

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I care for someone over 65


You can order or share free resources:

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Check out our online resources for over 65s: 

Online resources for over 65s

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