Community group strength and balance classes

Every person in New Zealand aged 65 and over who is at risk of falling should be able to attend a group strength and balance class in their community. Every class should meet the clinical criteria and the needs of the people living there.

Regions will get more classes

Every district in New Zealand has a Lead Agency to support and grow access to community group strength and balance classes. 

We're adding community group strength and balance classes as they become available in your region.

Exercise providers that meet our clinical criteria will carry the endorsement tick and help you build your strength and balance.

More about the endorsement tick

As exercise providers come on board their classes will be added to this site. Keep checking in to see what’s happening in your region.

What classes will involve

Classes will be developed to suit the needs of the communities they serve. Some communities may like dance classes to music, some may like to exercise in a quiet space, while others may carry out classes in a variety of styles or languages to suit members.

You don't have to wear lycra or special clothing

You don't need exercise clothes unless you want to of course! Classes will be run by people in your community for the people in your community. Comfortable clothes that you can move in, and flat, comfortable shoes should be the only pre-requisite.

You'll be able to keep up

Each class will be required to incorporate exercises that reduce falls and meet a set of nine assessment criteria. Once a class can do these things they'll then be entitled to carry our approved strength & balance 'tick'.

So, don’t worry about keeping up – although these classes may make you breathe a little harder, they won’t involve any exercises that could do you harm.

Who can attend a class 

All New Zealanders who are 65+ and at risk of falling, or have a history of falling, should give it a go. 

Find a community group strength and balance class near you

If you can't attend a class

If you can’t attend community group strength and balance classes because of your physical limitations, in-home strength and balance support may be appropriate for you. 

Talk to your GP or health professional to find out if in-home support it is appropriate for you.

Strength and balance classes can help prevent concussion

Concussion is a brain injury. Improving your core strength and balance helps to reduce the risk of a fall, avoid fractures, and possible brain injury. Classes are an affordable way to build your strength and coordination.

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