Talk to your doctor about preventing a fall

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Bob, 75, Wellington

I'm as 'bullet-proof' now as I was at 20. Mirrors don't show the true me. Okay, my eyesight isn't what it was, but why would I waste my doctor's time talking about risk when there's clearly nothing wrong with me?

Good question Bob. Falling over isn’t a normal part of the ageing process, but once we hit 65 our risk increases substantially.

You should talk to someone if you:

  • have tripped or fallen over recently
  • find it hard to get up from a low chair without using the armrests
  • have been feeling a bit off balance.

Sometimes the underlying causes of a fall can be monitored and treated by your doctor. To maintain your health and independence:

  • have regular check-ups
  • ask your doctor to regularly review your medications
  • discuss any changes in your health
  • ask your doctor if a Vitamin D supplement is right for you. Vitamin D can help maintain bone health and improve muscle function
  • ask for a Timed up and Go (TUG) test to gauge your muscle strength and balance.

    Download the Timed up and Go (TUG) Test

Things your health professional will want to know

If you’ve had a trip or fall or think you’re at risk of falling, use these prompts to help you have a conversation with your doctor:

[Accordion: Fall Doc Prompts]
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