Good strength and balance reduces falls

Portrait of Matthew
Professor Matthew Parsons

We know, without a doubt, that people who have good leg and ‘core’ strength also have good balance. Building your strength will improve your balance, and help prevent a fall.

Regular exercise improves your strength and balance

Doing exercises that strengthen your leg and core muscles and improve balance will reduce your risk of falling. It’s that simple.

You know the term 'use it or lose it'? We don’t mean to go on about it, truly we don't, but we have the clinical evidence to back us up so we’re trying to get as many people into exercise as we can.
Exercise can also:

  • keep your bones strong
  • give you more energy
  • help you sleep better
  • help control blood pressure, blood sugar levels and weight.

Oh, and it can make you feel good about yourself too!

Join a Community Group Strength and Balance class

Community Group Strength and Balance classes will focus on improving lower body and core strength and balance which will, ultimately, lead to gains in movement confidence.

There will be some ‘huff and puff’ activities as well as stretching and flexibility exercises. Classes may also include dancing, exercise to music, circuit work and things like Tai Chi, Zumba or Langi Mai – there will be something for everyone!  You’ll be in a friendly environment, and will get to meet other people within your community. 

Find a community group strength and balance class near you